Samples of Portraits taken at Folsom Photo (all photos are taken with natural light).

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The Penthouse

on Sutter Street

The Folsom Photo Studio is available

to rent for Professional Photographers.  

Be Our Guest:

Every inch of the Folsom Photo Studio is designed to be used to create stunning photography visuals.  The light is phenomenal all day long with both South-East and West facing windows.  This swanky historic Folsom penthouse is right in the center of Sutter Street with views of the shops and bustling street below.  It is within walking distance to Power House Park, the river front, and the parking garage (for urban style photos).  Not to mention the myriad of amazing backdrops around Old Folsom from brick walls, barn wood, old staircases, twinkle lit trees and so much more. You can offer your clients a mixture of fine art studio portraits and casual outdoor sessions from this location.   


There is 750 square feet of space with an open 400 square photography room, plus lots of interesting nooks and crannies, vaulted ceilings, huge windows, AC/Heat, private bathroom, hair/makeup station, bedroom set, use of prop furniture,

107" seamless paper backdrop system, Bluetooth speaker system.  (The 80 sq ft cloverfield office may be rented separately at an additional charge). 

The natural light is more than enough to shoot in this space all day long.  Reflectors and foam boards are available for you to use.  You can block windows with foam boards to create more dramatic lighting effects or open all of the windows for bright, filtered beauty light.  You may rent soft boxes for an additional fee. 

Rental retainer fee due at booking, non-refundable. Signed rental agreement & Credit Card on file for incidentals.  Proof of liability insurance & Business License.  Renter must leave the space clean or cleaning fee applies. Renter is responsible for all damage and cleaning fees.  If you wish to view the space before booking a $20 showing fee is required.  If you book the space that fee will be subtracted from your rental charge.

Daily Photography Rental Information*

Morning Rental 9am - 12pm -  3 hours $100

Afternoon Rental 1pm - 4pm - 3 Hours $100

Evening Rental 5pm - 8pm - 3 Hours $100
Full Daytime Rental 9am - 4pm - 6 hours $200

Extended Day Rental 9am - 5pm - 9 hours $300
Full Day & Evening 9am - 9pm - 12 hours $400

Add Ons:

Cloverfield Furnished IPS Office $100

Soft Box Light $25
Foldable Reflectors $10
Smart TV 32" $50
Photo Booth $200

*Studio rental rates provided are for individual client photography sessions only. If your plan is to hold a workshop or event, rates and requirements differ please email for more information.  Please note that not all furniture and props pictured may be available for your rental date, inquire ahead of time for availability. 

To submit and inquiry, please use the contact form below.  Please allow 48 hours for a reply.